Prosthetics Testimonials

Bobby Hyde

A little about Bobby:

I like to tinker around the house and work on projects. I enjoy cooking, riding my motorcycle, hunting, and riding 4 wheelers.

Tell about your experience at Anatomical Designs

I first went to a different prosthetic company after my amputation. My doctor said the prosthesis that was given to me wasn’t right.

With my prosthesis from the other company I thought “Is this as good as it’s going to get?”

I didn’t know what was normal or what to expect. Worker’s Comp had labeled me “sedentary” and said that I had reached my maximum capacity for mobility. I was still using a cane.

My wife called and made me an appointment with Anatomical Designs. After meeting with Shandon and his team, I thought “I hope that what they say I will be able to do is true”

From that point on I have had all positive results. I like that Anatomical Designs is always continuing my education and that they are always abreast for the latest technology. I like seeing the progression in my abilities. My quality of life has improved.

When I have a problem or need an adjustment, Anatomical Designs get me into the office quickly and they know exactly what to do to help me.

I also was impressed with the Insurance Specialists at Anatomical Designs who work diligently to get things approved and advocate for what I need.

How has Anatomical Designs helped you meet your goals?

I’ve been given my independence again! When I first walked into their office, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do the activities I love to do. They have helped me so much and I’ve reached all these goals:

  • Walk without a walker
  • Ride my motorcycle
  • Hunting
  • Cooking
  • Home improvements
  • Climb a ladder

Shandon was always confident I could do it and I did!

If you could describe Anatomical Designs in one word what would it be?

I need three words:





A little about Faith:

I enjoy cooking , baking, and playing with my two dogs. I also like to go camping and help out my family. Anatomical Designs has helped me reach my goal of being able to go visit my daughter. I plan to shop and spend time with my great grandchildren.

Her experience at Anatomical Designs:

I am very pleased with Anatomical Designs. It’s easy to get an appointment when needed. The office and exam rooms are very clean. Everyone was easygoing and helpful to me. I enjoyed going to appointments; it was just like visiting family.

They called my insurance company and worked with them to get everything done sooner than I could have done it myself.

The casting and fitting was easy. My prosthesis fit well and helped me to get up and walking. Anatomical Designs is always there if I have any problems with my prosthesis. They are helpful in explaining how to put the prosthesis on, how to use it, and how to walk again.

I am very pleased with Anatomical Designs. I tell everyone about a great experience I’ve had there.

If I had to use one word to describe my overall experience it would be:


Gage Beavers

A little about Gage:

Gage enjoys baseball, basketball, playing X Box, and going to Pirate’s games.

Tell about your experience at Anatomical Designs

Gage’s mother, Kelli:

Everyone is very kind and helpful. They really care about Gage. Anatomical Designs has changed my son’s quality of life for the better. Shandon goes above and beyond our expectations.

How has Anatomical Designs helped you meet your goals?

Gage can run faster---I’ve never seen him run so great!

He’s more mobile, and more comfortable.

The staff is so caring—Holly at the front desk gives Honey Crisp apples and sweets to my son. Shandon and Amanda have helped Gage’s quality of life!

Appointments are easy to make. We feel very comfortable here—we’ve been to other places and this place just “felt right”.


A little about Robert:

Robert loves to walk his dog, Bogie, and spend time with him. In the past, he liked working on computers. He worked at Giant Eagle fir 10 years. Getting to drive again is very important.

Tell about your experience at Anatomical Designs

I think Anatomical Designs is the Greatest Place on Earth. I originally came to Anatomical Designs for a crow walker and the staff was very nice to me, so when I was in need of a prosthesis, this was the first place I wanted to come—no questions asked!

How has Anatomical Designs helped you meet your goals?

Yes, I am able to drive my car again. Just being able to walk was a very great success for me!

Has the Administrative Staff at Anatomical Designs been helpful to you?

I appreciate the efforts of the insurance staff who go above and beyond.

If you could describe Anatomical Designs in one word what would it be?


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