Prosthetic Services

We have successfully and proudly fit all levels of amputations. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Upper Extremity

Above Elbow (AE)

  • Custom silicone liners
  • Elevated negative pressure (vacuum suspension)
  • Anatomically correct socket systems
  • Body power and/or Myoelectric control systems

Below Elbow (BE)

  • Self suspending
  • Custom silicone liners
  • Elevated negative pressure (vacuum suspension)
  • Body power and Myoelectric control systems

Lower Extremity

Hip Disarticulation (HD)

Elevated negative pressure hip systems (these socket designs provide the most intimate suspension system and lowest profile HD prosthesis available)

Above Knee (AK)

Elevated negative pressure and Harmony socket systems
Double walled AK socket systems that incorporate suction or vacuum suspension (these systems are the most comfortable and functional socket systems available)
OTS and custom silicone liners

Knee Disarticulation (KD)

Elevated negative pressure or Harmony vacuum systems for suspension
Low profile double wall socket systems
Custom silicone liners
Suction suspension

Below Knee (BK)

Elevated negative pressure or Harmony vacuum suspension systems
Custom Silicone liners
Total surface bearing socket systems
Pin locking suspension systems
Sport prosthesis to include: running, swimming and skiing


Suction suspension
Low profile vacuum suspension sockets
Custom silicone liners (provides a more cylindrical residual limb for an easier socket fit)
Low profile Carbon Expoy feet

Partial Foot

Custom silicone “sock type” prosthesis
Carbon Expoy sole plate

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