Orthotic Testimonials

Pamela Kessler

A little about Pamela:

Pamela received a custom AFO from Anatomical Designs.

Pamela is involved in Fayette County 4-H and has worked as a township supervisor for Stewart Township for the past 26 years. She loves spending time with all of her grandchildren : going to their tee ball games, church programs, and playing outdoors with them.

Tell about your experience at Anatomical Designs

The brace I received from Anatomical Designs has helped me reach my mobility goals because it causes less pain and reduces swelling, which has allowed me to do all the things with my family that I had been unable to do in the past.

How has Anatomical Designs helped you meet your goals?

The staff has been so kind, helpful, and friendly. The practitioner was professional and knowledgeable. She explained all aspects and details of what she was doing. The office staff’s knowledge of the workings of health insurance was above and beyond helpful. Without their knowledge, I would not have been able to get my brace. The staff was amazing and very attentive to my needs. Every time I would call, everyone was right on top of everything. I felt 100% comfortable at Anatomical Designs.

If you could describe your experience at Anatomical Designs in one word what would it be?


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